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  1. This was my father who I never got to know. I was only 5 years old when he was killed in South Florida. My dad, Carl Joseph Kalafatich was from Chisholm, Minnesota. He served in Navy during WWII.

    This story of serving official papers for the U.S. Marshals is a little different then I heard growing up. In 1968 the Mob was still very active. I was told that my father was transporting a key witness. This witness was in with the mob. Anyway both my father and this other man were both killed in the auto accident. The driver of the other vehicle was supposedly under the influence of alcohol. He was taken to a holding cell, or jail were he suspiciously died. I believe there was a cover up and so the story was changed.

    1. Brian, thank you for sharing this story. We appreciate any insight on all our heroes. Please give all our best to the family as well.

      Chris Stilwell
      Broward Police Memorial Association

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